Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat

Main Stream Media Uses Negro as Scapegoat
President Trump Unites All Americans Through Education Hard Work Honest Dealings and Prosperity United We Stand Against Progressive Socialists DNC Democrats Negro Race Baiting Using Negroes For Political Power is Over and the Main Stream Media is Imploding FAKE News is Over in America

Thursday, July 27, 2017

To put things right formally, President Trump has banned all transgender people from the U.S. Military. We can only hope when the day comes that our government would also ban clones of humans fighting our wars and defending our nation. The toleration of a Transgender; The military is not a club, its a regiment to fight. There is no approximate answer, you are male or female, there is no natural place for a third called transgender.

The toleration of a Transgender;
Glen and Glenda are the same person, their identical twins to the onlooking stranger, living on the same planet but which one joined the U.S. Military?  To put things right formally, President Trump has banned all transgender people from the U.S. Military. We can only hope when the day comes that our government would also ban clones of humans fighting our wars and defending our nation.

Glen wanted to fire the heavy weapon during training and did very well and got the scores to advance.

Glenda wanted a new night gown so decided to go shopping off the base after a long day with those rough boys all day.

You're in the Army now Glen, Glenda is not so sure.

Indisputable - Glen and Glenda are Transgender.

In the attempt to banish LGBT discrimination Barack Obama and Secretary Carter deemed that transgender people must be allowed inside the U.S. Military, it was only fair.

You were created and born with a gender, boy or girl, but the DNC Democratic Radicals wants to expand that proper sense of identity, allowed by your creator.

I won't explain the different criteria to be male or female as my friends are smart and caring people.

The military survived the addition of transgender people and it will also survive the withdrawal of the transgender community from the ranks of the military.

The military is not a club, its a regiment to fight.

There is no approximate answer, you are male or female, there is no natural place for a third called transgender.

Glen and Glenda, cannot coexist.

Thanks to medical science Glen and Glenda can now make the unnatural choice to change but political elites have no right to expect others, logically, to identify with this third person.

To put things right formally, President Trump has banned all transgender people from the U.S. Military. We can only hope when the day comes that our government would also ban clones of humans fighting our wars and defending our nation.

This person, Glen and Glenda are perfectly free to do whatever they wish, but not with taxpayer money. The political class cannot pick out Glen and Glenda, label them as transgender, treat them differently and expect the military to follow.

God is the creator.

Transgender is approaching science-fiction.



Glen or Glenda for God's Sake - The Transgender Queer Marine - Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry - Trump Says No Transgender People Allowed -

Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry.

Glen wanted to fire the heavy weapon, 
Glenda wanted a new night gown,
You're in the Army now. 

You cannot approach the LGBT Transgender community without stampeding the DNC Democratic left into some kind of queer frenzy. Transgender people were deemed into the U.S. Military and now they have been deemed out by President Trump.

When did Trans become popular? The modern military has many demands to defend our nation but has little time or money for LGBT political pets brought into the military for political amusement and entertainment by the DNC Democratic Party. 

Barack Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and of course Secretary Carter let transgender people serve in the military, to be fair.

It's the same line of thinking that is allowing North Korea and Iran to build nuclear weapons, you've got to be fair.

President Trump deemed yesterday that transgender people are no longer allowed to serve in the U.S. Military, for any reason.

Beyond the political circle of Washington D.C. nobody really cares that President Trump has banned the transgender from the military but the average American is very pleased.

You can expect the expected; the liberal socialist communist left will scream murder, devoted to the LGBT voting power and dollars the left will be setting snares and traps for all those mean people that don't love transgender people.

The LGBT Democratic Agenda is all about MONEY and forcing regular people like you accepting the fact that domesticated transgender people are o.k.

The U.S. Military is not in the business of catching, training and introducing Transgender people into the main stream military.

The U.S. Taxpayer, and the U.S. Military services cannot afford the controversial gender reassignment surgery and the distraction of mind and body from defending the nation and killing our enemies.

The Military prowls the world to keep us safe and cannot be used for a well funded taxpayer den of wild cats known as transgender. The taxpayer cannot afford, literally, to be the source of medical conversion, food and comfort and fight wars at the same time as the Military trains a fighting force and has little time to tame the passions of a transgender.

It takes a mountain lion mentality to go to war so the unusual order to allow transgender people into the military has been reversed.

They are no collars and leashes, the military is all voluntary and in a usual order the military has rules and regulations to get in the military and stay in the military.

The transgender can find new companions but the Democratic Socialist left will continue to scratch around the sand pile looking for more trouble.

Now, of course, some transgender soldiers must be smart, display good dispositions, are dependable and intelligent, then they should pay for all their medical expenses, not the taxpayer.

Most men go to war without gowns and jewelry and may not want delicate little flowers guarding their military flanks?

The U.S. Marines are noted for having done everything and been everywhere, from jungles to mountains but waiting on your buddy to brush tiny tufts of hair back before firing on an enemy isn't one.

Why are you Suffering - Dating, Mating and Your Sex Drive - The Bill Clinton Sex Doll goes on Sale Today

What is suffering? 

It's an experience that you can learn from.
Do you believe in fortune tellers?

If they are wrong do you suffer of did you have the wrong fortune teller?
Do you feel good when hitting a double during a baseball game or do you suffer because it wasn't a home run?

Do you disown your kid for jumping off the garage, causing you and him suffering?

Suffering is part of your reality, don't loose the lessons.

Place your hand in boiling water, it causes pain and suffering.
You learn from the experience so you don't do it anymore, right?
Do you stop boiling water? Of course not.

You get caught speeding in your car, the suffering of a court fine.
Do you stop driving, of course not.

You can make a hundred examples of you own.

Your creator made you adaptable, flexible enough to try new things, learn the good or the bad, make your adjustments and then carry on.

The only way to avoid suffering is to stop living a full life.

If a family member makes you mad, simply consider why they're mad and offer your thoughts and concerns.

Your emotions quickly appear and then they fade away.

The person that made you mad, might have been emotional at the time and would love to take it back. Have you ever said anything you regret, of course you have.

You didn't stop talking.

Emotions create thoughts and thoughts control your actions.

Emotions are from your creator and can be practical and helpful or take over your entire life. Your real pleasure comes from being around real people. Friends and family can replenish you or cause you suffering.

Suffering is an emotional state in most cases.
If you're thirsty, take a drink of water.
If you're suffering, have a conversation with a friend.
So how do people remove suffering?
If a neighbor makes you mad, what do you do?

If you have stopped talking to your neighbor because their dog barks that's a bad conclusion. You no longer talk to 
the dog owner that can help you and of course the dog still barks.
Is suffering only skin deep?

If you are in a dispute with a family member, which is more important, winning the argument or the family member?

To eliminate your suffering must be a good thing, you feel better. Other minds have other opinions and initially you might not agree. People make you mad. They tell you what to do or what you're doing wrong, devastating so some. So to eliminate your suffering you eliminate the person.

If you feel better, it must lead to happiness.

Happiness is an emotion, a quick surface and a deep dive in a matter of seconds. Most people never realize their life is a mental life. What you think, is what you do.

But, the elimination of your suffering often brings about suffering of other people. If you have children you understand.
No, is a big word to a child.

The word No, gets bigger as we get older.

You don't want to cause pain for other people but NO you cannot jump off the bridge.

You don't want to cause the suffering of others.

In order to protect yourself you creator taught you how to create some distance from something that may or will hurt you, causing your own suffering.

You avoid people that hurt your feelings and you also avoid people that tell you NO, even when it was good advice.

If you start seeing other people, as people that hurt you, in time you stop considering their feelings, they become objects.

This is typical within scientific management, stop watches and clipboards filled with your actual production vs. stated company goals.

If you continue to fail the standards at some point you are objectified.

You are no longer a person, just a number, and people ignore your feelings and you will be terminated as an object of production, not a human being.

Your production was too low.
The company eliminated their suffering.
They eliminated you.
You most likely objectify people all the time.

I don't like him, I avoid him, he is an object now, easily discarded.

You objectify people deliberately, you decided.

You did it to avoid discomfort, to limit your own suffering.

When you dislike a person, you objectify them, allowing you to be unkind to them without suffering the natural repercussions, that empathetic connection that your creator allowed you.

You protected yourself and removed your suffering by allowing the other person to suffer.

Now that person is in the out group.

Your suffering really has not ended it has just changed forms.

Guilt and shame lives inside you now because of the things you think and do. Your creator and your mind keeps score.

Your convenient scapegoat lives inside you forever which causes you damage for your entire life.

Your suffering did not end, it was embedded inside your soul.

Be nice to people.
Like people, before they like you.
When you don't agree, be polite.
Don't yell at people and don't suck your thumb.
Be the adult.
Don't be feeble minded.
Learn how to learn.
Take advantage of your so-called suffering and learn from it.
Your creator wanted it that way.

Life is suffering.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Better Deal - The Rat Brain of Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lives on, without the American people, A Better Deal, called socialism - the Welfare State

The Rat Brain, another "Better Deal"
Chuck Schumer's title in Congress tells the entire story of the new Democratic Slogan "A Better Deal" that was launched this week. You can imagine Chuck Schumer riding his horse through the field of working slaves and making them promises of better things to come, if only they would surrender to him and only him.

Another Democratic Plot against Negro and Latino minorities, keeping the slaves on welfare, feeding them, taking care of them and keeping them as friendly slaves for another generation.

His title is Senate Minority Leader, a marginal insignificant minor power player in Congress because the honest legal voters kicked the Democrats out of power, across the nation.

The Rat Brain of Chuck Schumer

"A Better Deal" the new slogan, is simply more Obama Clinton Schumer Pelosi DNC Democratic Party social engineering pointed directly at white socialist liberals and minorities of color, again.

Chuck Schumer claims "We are back" at the DNC Democratic Party staged news conference in Berryville Virginia and promises more socialist utopian ideas to people of color and all those working class, middle class people that kicked them out of power.

The Moron Chuck Schumer - 

wanted for fiendish crimes against Americans. 

A Better Deal scheme, not so fast Chuck.

A chicken in every pot, a new car in the driveway, free college for your kid, never worry about getting sick, everything covered, including your phone, internet connection and dinner on the table.

We heard all that from Barack Obama.

Obama, Schumer, Clinton, Pelosi and others truly believe that a cheap ass bumper sticker slogan will transform our society to a socialist communist central planning country without any comprehensive planning that gave us worldwide wars and problems. Obama and Hillary Clinton left marks, their whip marks will last generations.

The welfare state, the communist state, the open border state, won't fit on a bumper sticker, but "A Better Deal" would look great in big bold red letters.

The Democratic party wants total control, from infant to grave, free health care, open borders, electric cars, imported workers, so Schumer does have political convictions, he wants it all.

Schumer's Better Deal
for the Slaves

The debate is over Schumer, we already have the better deal and his name is President Donald Trump.

Now, we're all sure that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and the New York Times, the Washington Post will bump up your slogan, and maybe even the CNN Cuban bastard Acosta will get a question to the president, but let it be known, socialism is for losers, just like you.

Schumer wants a centralized government, socialism is state ownership of production, control over investments, distribution of wealth and guaranteed incomes, and the government making all the decisions of what can be bought and sold, free health care, free phones, free food, free college, legal drugs - it's just pot, open borders - illegal aliens are people too, Iran nuclear - they have the right, imported cheap labor - we need to pick the corn, and of course a $15.00 an hour job even if the person has zero skills, a criminal background, a little drug problem, maybe illegal with a gun in his pocket.

So, no thanks Chuck Schumer, keep your rat invested Better Deal because we'll keep our people controlled government so we can continue to vote out assholes in government.



Monday, July 24, 2017

Fake News Can Scare People - CNN continues the FAKE NEWS about the Russian Rat

CNN continues the FAKE NEWS about the Russian Rat
Fake News Can Scare People,

A tiny handful of Corporations control the entire media complex, Time Warner = CNN, Disney = ABC, News Corp = FOX News, CBS, Comcast = NBC MSNBC. Journalism is the ordinary reporting of facts. Now, well illustrated, is that the main stream media, characteristically, involves biased and slanted so-called reporting to persuade and influence people, not just inform them. Every day the media, like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX and others offer readers/viewers/citizens a synthetic news, a made up story, a narrative for political power. Hybrid story telling is not the news, we need a lot more,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

White House Leak West Wing Discovered Nude Body of Washington D.C. Journalist Discovered in Apartment Dumpster, Russian ties possible, Classified Documents on her person, PD press conference,

The government job was a dream come true, a lifetime of income, great benefits, and no matter what the cost Kurt could put anything on his U.S. Government credit card but his grimy little hands wanted a lot more.

Working inside the West Wing of the White House was a living daydream it was a showroom of world power and once or twice a month he actually could see President Donald Trump in person walking down the hallways of the central power of the world.
Kurt's pretense of respecting President Trump was thinly disguised at best because Kurt hated everything Trump said, everything he did or anything he proposed to do as President of the United States.
Kurt's government task was to work with the Print and Broadcast Media like the New York Times, The Washington Post, AP Associated Press, BBC,  and broadcasters like ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,CNN,FOX and a hundred more and make sure the lazy media got the story right on any given topic.  He was also instructed to give just a little more to Breitbart News, because they were good people.
The first time, reluctantly, Kurt printed out some classified documents to take home and review because his boss told him to do his homework before the Sunday talk shows.  The old man told him to read everything classified that had anything to do with the Russian story and summarize his findings.  Kurt read endlessly Friday night, Saturday and until Sunday morning when he fell asleep at his kitchen table, so much for the big weekend he had planned with Sally Hartmann.
Kurt knew that President Trump's staff was starting to twist and turn because of the Russian story and the media was killing the White House with one story after another, and then another.
Everybody working for President Trump was now weary, too many hours, no weekends, endless news stories but Kurt ignored what he called the "summer people" the fat cats that went to the beach as the little slaves like Kurt worked 75 hours a week.
The old man read his summary paper at twelve noon on Sunday and told Kurt he did a good job and to enjoy the rest of his weekend.
The old man denies the existence of sleep.
Kurt arrived at home and noticed Sally Hartmann's B.M.W. parked in the visitors parking lot of his apartment complex, it made him smile.

Sally had finished photographing all the confidential documents from the White House, seemingly just in time, Kurt was home early.  She rushed to Kurt's bedroom and tossed off all her clothes and jumped in bed, the lady in waiting act always worked.  Sally heard Kurt call her name, she whispered Hello.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The War, it rained yesterday, so today, we will start a revolution. A new nation born of the original 13 colonies of the United States - Millions will pay the price the logicians at started the WAR clock three nuclear weapons used in the Middle East,

His voice was strong 

"Force is imperfect, but it's the universal language"

"Yesterday it rained, but today we will start a revolution."

His voice was not tense at all and the leader made it clear that the war clock had been started and there was no turning back.

It doesn't matter if we did it yesterday or now, or even next week, but when we start we can never stop as the revolution could last several decades so it's time to put our plans in action, hold on and let our unchanging actions change the world.

The overlapping computer links were disconnected and beyond question the N.S.A. would not be able to trace their global communications.  The system of revolution was in place and even the death of their leader could not stop the doctrine now in place.

The war will now start without the leader and will most likely finish without him.  

Everything now would take place by timetables set up over the last three years so the United States could never formulate a proper defense.

The "New Nation" would be formed by fire, just like the United States.  The old United States would be dissolved by force.

Yes, it would be considered terrorism around the world but so was the French revolution and even the American revolution.

The very first action would be an explosion of violence against the political class that would last forty days and forty nights.  This would be considered a foundational strike against the U.S. Government, that would cripple the nation within a few days. 

Depending as it does, the war plans have not been tested but they had been planned by experts secretly around the world.  The force applied to the political class inside America had not been seen since the American revolution and the leader didn't plan on using muskets as he would induce terror first and then salvation.

There would be no rules, it would be ruthless and millions could die if the United States government didn't bow to the absolute force brought to bear against it.

The United States government would have to forfeit all authority over what any high school graduate might remember, the original thirteen colonies.

The U.S. government was in shambles after the last middle eastern war when Russian and America went head to head for the first time that included a limited nuclear exchange in Syria and Israel. 

Civilians were targeted in Israel by Syria using a small tactical nuclear weapon supplied by Russia or Iran, and America responded as only America could.  The capitol of Syria was mostly destroyed by two small tactical nuclear missile strikes fired by the U.S.S. Wright only five minutes apart killing over sixty five thousand people.

Three tactical nuclear weapons were used in total, one by Syria and two by the United States but it put the entire world on the verge of total war.  Russia moved one hundred thousand combat ready troops to the Ukrain and overran the country in less than three weeks and were digging in for a long battle.  

Poland was invaded also by Russia as over three hundred thousand troops moved against them and had taken the country with deadly fighting over three months.  China closed the South China Sea to all military traffic and Japan challenged it from the first moment.  

Chinese aircraft carriers were launching what they called defensive strikes against Japan with little damage as Japan was holding its fire by the request of the United States.

It was time for a change, the time for a new country, it was time for a new nation.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Emily Lance - Pissing on American Flag - Nude Picture - Bernie Sanders DNC Operative Supporter - The Indispensable Emily Lance urinating on the American Flag inside her Welfare Shack

Emily Lance, a domestic terrorist living inside America decided to urinate on our American Flag. A woman Emily Lance from maybe Philadelphia has sparked rage and fury across social media platforms after she posted a utube video online in which she urinated on the American flag.  A supporter of the DNC Bernie Sanders is clearly the type that wants more welfare, increased food stamps, free abortions and her Obama phone and internet connected for free.  The crude Emily Lance has the mentality of the sexual predator Bill Clinton, traitor Hillary Clinton, Black National Radical Negro Barack Obama, do anything for money Chuck Schumer and many others, except she used her creative side, during some kind of mental state to enjoy free speech by being disgusting, for all the world to see. 

The video, which was originally uploaded to online Facebook but later deleted, shows Philadelphia woman Emily Lance urinating, taking a piss on America, on the American flag.  
Once upon a time Emily Lance was a child, most likely abused, grew up poor, living inside a welfare family with no parenting or education.  Emily Lance is the perfect example of a hard left liberal minority hell bent on destroying America while they feed off welfare, free health services, false disability, free Obama birth control, free abortion services and the other taxpayer programs like free food, free clothing, free health care, the typical DNC Democratic Party operative. 
It's a strange picture, so Emily Lance, and her little brain, playing with her little plastic penis pees on our American Flag.
Nothing to worry about except it truly demonstrates how a socialist bastard like Bernie Sanders can collect nuts that beat up people, burn buildings, break windows and of course, piss on America.


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Boycott All These Products Today, Important Some of Kellogg’s brands: Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes® Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain® Pop-Tarts® Rice Krispies® Cheez-It Kashi Eggo® Frosted Mini-Wheats® Cocoa Krispies Morningstar Farms Famous Amos Kellogg’s Corn Flakes® Kellogg’s Honey Smacks® cereal Corn Pops® Mother’s Cookies Keebler Company Smart Start® Froot Loops™ Kellogg’s Raisin Bran® Low Fat Granola Fruit Flavored Snacks Apple Jacks® Cracklin’ Oat Bran® Mueslix® Smart Start® Smorz Kellogg’s Raisin Bran® Krave Crispix® All-Bran® Apple Jacks® Crunchmania My entire family voted for Donald Trump but Kelloggs has miscalculated, we have always voted for Tony the Tiger, but that's history just like the corrupt DNC Democratic Party.

Boycott All These Products Today,

Some of Kellogg’s brands:
  • Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes®
  • Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain®
  • Pop-Tarts®
  • Rice Krispies®
  • Cheez-It
  • Kashi
  • Eggo®
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats®
  • Cocoa Krispies
  • Morningstar Farms
  • Famous Amos
  • Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®
  • Kellogg’s Honey Smacks® cereal
  • Corn Pops®
  • Mother’s Cookies
  • Keebler Company
  • Smart Start®
  • Froot Loops™
  • Kellogg’s Raisin Bran®
  • Low Fat Granola
  • Fruit Flavored Snacks
  • Apple Jacks®
  • Cracklin’ Oat Bran®
  • Mueslix®
  • Smart Start®
  • Smorz
  • Kellogg’s Raisin Bran®
  • Krave
  • Crispix®
  • All-Bran®
  • Apple Jacks®
  • Crunchmania

My entire family voted for Donald Trump but Kelloggs has miscalculated, we have always voted for Tony the Tiger, but that's history just like the corrupt DNC Democratic Party.